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We accept any and all Electronic Items for recycling.
  (We no Longer accept Tube TV's or CRT Monitors)

Items accepted include but not limited to:
Computers Towers and Servers
Computer Components including RAM(memory sticks), Processors, Hard Drives, CD and DVD Drives, Printed Circuit Boards, Heat Sinks, Wires & Cables
Cell Phones and Smart Phones, New or Old, working or Damaged
Servers and Network Gear
Swithces and Routers
Cell Phone Batteries and Chargers
Laptops, Notebooks, and Mini Computers
PDAs and eReaders
Wires and Cables
Printers and Copiers
Ink and Toner Cartridges used or unused
Ipods and MP3/MP4 Music Players
Flat Screen Monitors
Flat Screen TVs
Laptop and Cell Phone Batteries
APC or UPC battery backups
Extension Cords and power cords
Aluminum and aluminum cans
Computer Cases and steel
Brass fitting and other brass
Copper heat sinks, pipes, and other copper
Electronic Test/Lab Equipment of any kind
DVDs, DVRs, TIVOs, VCRs, Casette Players, and CD Players
Stereo Equipment, Components, and Speakers
Intercom Equipment
Walkie Talkies
Home Telephones wired or portable
Digital Cameras
GPS Devices
Antique Electronics
HAM Radio components
Stereo Components
Automated Factory Electronics
Electric Motors
Handheld Bar Code Scanners
Scientific Calculators
Old Satellite Dishes and Recievers
Lihtium Ion Batteries
Mice and Keyboards
Video Games and Video Game Consoles
Cameras and Memory/Film
Telecom Equipment
Computer Tape Drives and Unused Media
Sound Equipment and Mixing Boards
Stringed, Woodwind, and Brass Instruments
Radio and TV Tubes
X-Ray Film
Old or Broken Gold, Silver, or Platimum Jewelry
Silver or Gold Plated items like Serving Dishes and Eating Utensiles
Catalytic Converters
Oxygen Sensors from Autos
Older Gold Plated Eyeglass Frames
Gold Wrist and Pocket Watches
LCD, Plasma, and LED Flat TVs and Monitors.
NO CRTs allowed!